April 27, 2018

Born on 1st Jan 2000 ? Be ready to achieve Millennium Award

Those who were born on 1/1/2000 i.e first day of the 21st century,

they will be awarded by election commission with millennium voter award. As on 1st January 2018 their age will be 18 they will become voters. According to this, the circular sent to all the states by the Election Commission of India has estimated that there are 74,000 births per day in the country. Accordingly, on the first day of the 21st Century i.e., on January 1, 2000, the same number of children would have been born, which will join the age group of 18-19 years with the first morning of 2018, whose names will be included in the voter list. These voters will be awarded on 25th January on the occasion of national voter day.

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