April 27, 2018

‘Helping Army’ provides space to needy people to sell handmade items

Ludhiana Highlights | The Helping Army, NGO formed by group of youngsters have provided space and infrastructure to needy people for free of cost to sell handmade items on the occasion of Diwali. NGO has started a drive “HELP OTHERS FEEL HAPPY” in Diwali season.

The stalls were setup at Model Town Extension and Ghumar Mandi. Several needy and talented people have started selling their handmade items like Diyas, candles and other items.

The youngsters have also started a campaign inviting residents to purchase candles, Diyas and other handmade gift items from needy persons so that they can also Celebrate Diwali.

Founder of NGO, Sahibjot Chawla said that many needy people have talent to make candles, Diyas and other gift items but they don’t have any place to sell their items. They have decided to provide space, stall and other infrastructure to needy persons for free of cost to sell their gift items.

Ikjap Singh, member of Helping Army said that they have also approaching owners of shops requesting them to sell the handmade items of needy people instead of selling chinese items.

Sahibjot Singh Chawla,Ikjap SIngh, Gagan Kochar,Manmeet Singh and others were present.

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