Chandigarh से आ रही 2 ट्रकों में अवैध शराब को लुधियाना के शेरपुर चौक से किया जब्त

Ludhiana Highlights | आबकारी एवं कराधान विभाग के एक्साइज विंग कि डिस्ट्रिक्ट 3 की टीम ने गुप्त सूचना के आधार पर चंडीगढ़ से आ रही अवैध शराब, लुधियाना के शेरपुर चौक में देर रात 12 बजे शराब के 2 ट्रक पकडऩे में सफलता हासिल की। विभागीय सूत्रों के अनुसार उक्त दोनों ट्रकों में 640 अंग्रेजी शराब की पेटियां थीं, जिसपर सेल ओनली फॉर  चंडीगढ़ व हरियाणा का हॉल मार्का लगा हुआ था, जिसमे क्रेजी रोमियो, मैकडावल, नैना व ट्रिप्पल नाइन (999) ब्रांड भारी मात्रा में मिले, जबकि ट्रक ड्राइवर मौके से फरार हो गया। अवैध शराब की रिकवरी कर, नार्कोटिक्स डिपार्टमैंट

December 10, 2018

Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana Awarded as Luxury Business Hotel

Ludhiana Highlights |  Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana has been awarded with Luxury Business Hotel by World Luxury Hotel awards. The award was announced at 2017 World Luxury Hotel Awards gala ceremony in Switzerland.

Sonica Malhotra, Joint MD, MBD Group, said, “Wining an award in the Luxury Business Hotel category by World Luxury Hotel Awards is another feather in the cap, truly glad that our new innovation, creative passion and meticulous execution has created waves in the hospitality sector.” She said, “The hospitality benchmarks followed by MBD Group have set new standards for the globally hospitality industry. It is our great privilege to have won this recognition for our hard work.”
Setting the basis for service industry standards around the globe, the World Luxury Hotel Awards provides true recognition to luxury hotels and resorts in their relevant categories during its annual voting phase. Over 300,000 votes were tallied this year from travelers and guests of these luxury establishments during the voting phase.

The second venture of the MBD group, Radisson Blu Hotel MBD in Ludhiana is also the first 5 star deluxe hotel in that region. Exuding seclusion, luxury and comfort, the hotel features well-appointed rooms, interiors have an elegant ambiance and contemporary style.   Hotel features a wide range of award winning food and beverage options including “Made In India” (The Indian Restaurant) and “RED” (The Oriental Restaurant), 24000 sq ft of convention space, Business Centre, an outdoor pool and a spa, making it the first choice of business and leisure travelers in the region.