April 25, 2018

Trip to Mars; 1,38,899 Indians booked their seats

NASA has planned to send a trip to Mars in 2018. Around 1,38,899 Indians have booked their seats for this trip to mars. Even NASA has provided online boarding pass to the registered passengers. Actually NASA is sending name of visitors written on silicon wafer microchip by an electron beam.

trip on mars 2018The total number of worldwide registrations received by NASA are 24,29,807 among which 1,38,899 are Indians. India ranks third in the list of Mission Mars 2018. U.S. is at first position with 6,76,773 registrations & China is at second position with 2,62,752 registrations.

trip on mars 2018NASA’s Mission Mars 2018 will launch in May 2018 which will land on Mars in November 2018.

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